• A person who has successfully operated, controlled or directed a commercial undertaking.

  • A person who has made a minimum personal net worth of $800,000 from the operated senior management commercial corporation and is willing and able to invest a minimum of $400,000 into Canadian Designated Funds.

Main Features of the Investor Program  
  1. Priority processing – 3rd highest Priority processing of all independent application.

  2. The investment of the designated funds is not necessary be the landing destination’s funds, it can be anywhere within Canada.

  3. Early admission - if needed.

  4. Modified selection criteria:

    Investor is not assessed under either – occupation factor, arranged employment or designated occupation

  5. General Admission Requirements for all applicants – health and security requirements.

The Investor Immigrant Program  
Selection Overseas 
  1. Selection Procedures – Important factor, the person’s experience and track record.

  2. Selection Criteria – Experience as a selection Factor.

  3. Cost Recovery Fees – Application processing fee is $1000.



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