• Someone who intends to and has the ability to establish or purchase a business in Canada in which an employment opportunity will be created for him or herself.

  • Someone who has experience in a self employed firm and can provide a track record in order to prove their past experience.

Main Features of the Self-Employed Program
  1. Exploratory visits - evaluates the business opportunities personally.

  2. Role of provincial authorities - refer to the provincial selections, review and provide opinion on all business plans (special guidelines exist for farmers and certain occupations).

  3. Selection Criteria - assessed on the basis of all factors of the selection criteria except – “Arranged Employment or Designated Occupation” 

    * Will be awarded an additional 30 Bonus units of assessment if warranted by the Visa officer, provided a minimum of 70 units of assessment have been met.

  4. General Admission Requirements for all applicants – health and security requirements.

The Self-Employed Immigrant Program  
Selection Overseas
  1. Significant Contribution to the Economy, Cultural or Artistic Life of Canada.

a)  Economy – to the area specialized trade or service that is not readily available from a Canadian source.

b)  Cultural or Artistic Life of Canada – business operation in the Cultural or Artistic field.

  1. Use of Occupation Codes

  2. Selection Criteria:

a)   Experience as a selection factor, this person will be awarded units of assessment based on the probability of success of his/her occupation.

b)   Capital Requirements – No minimum.

c)   Business Plan – Not required to have a formal business plan, but a general business plan of action is required.

d)   Self-Employed Applicant Summary – Out-lining the applicant’s background and plans for their business.

  1.  Cost Recovery Fee – Application processing fee is $1000.



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