Student Visa

Foreign Students – visitors who need student authorization to enroll into any educational courses within Canada.


All visitors intending to study in Canada must apply for and obtain a student authorization.


Students may not normally apply for student authorizations from within Canada if the course taken or to be taken must be either a French or English language course; the course must have a duration of three months or less. BOTH CRITERION ARE ESSENTIAL.


Visitors who have bought tour packages that include study content do not need student authorizations.



  1. Inquiries received in Canada – An inquiry from a student abroad will be required to send the letter of inquiry to the appropriate visa office.

  2. Letters of Acceptance

a)  A letter of acceptance for a student coming to an institution must not only indicate the course of studies, but must also specify that the course involves full-time study for a period of at least six months.

b)  Particulars – A student coming forward to attend an institution must present an original letter of acceptance bearing the school or university’s letterhead.

  1. Funds – On submission of an application for a student authorization, a prospective student must present documentary evidence that there is a reliable source of funds adequate to cover his/her tuition, maintenance and return transportation.

Language requirements – Where it seems clear that the lack of English or French will make it extremely difficult for a student to follow the desired course of studies, he/she should be discouraged.




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