Visitor Visa


  • A person who is lawfully in Canada, or seeks to come into Canada, for a temporary purpose, other than a person who is a Canadian citizen; a permanent resident; or a person in possession of a permit.

The visitor category has three distinct classes:

a)  Persons seeking entry into Canada as ordinary tourists, or who wish to visit friends and/or relatives in Canada.

b)  Persons who seek entry into Canada in order to study.

c)  Persons who seek entry into Canada to take up temporary employment.




  • A visa is defined in the Canadian Act as a “document issued or a stamp impression made on a document by a visa officer.” It indicates that the prospective visitor has been prescreened and that the visa officer is satisfied that the visa holder complies with the requirements for admission to Canada.

Security screening of visitors  

  • Definition – it refers to the procedures used to identify persons seeking admission to Canada who are, or have been, involved in espionage, subversion, or terrorism.

  • Purpose – to maintain and protect the safety and good order of Canadian society by preventing the admissions of persons who threaten the internal security of Canada or endanger the lives or the safety of persons in Canada.

  • Visitors must be in possession of or have satisfactory evidence of sufficient funds to maintain themselves in Canada.

Passport Requirements

  • Every visitor must be in possession of either a valid and subsisting passport, travel document, or identity document which guarantees his/her readmission to the country of issue.

Medical Requirements

  • Visitors are required to undergo a medical examination.

Processing of Visitor Visa Applications  

  1. Application Forms - Visitor visas are made on three different forms due to the three distinct classes.

  2. Personal interviews – Visitors will normally be interviewed unless, in the opinion of the visa officer, an interview is deemed to be unnecessary.

  3. Record of Examination  - The visa officer will record his/her assessment of all the factors, which will enter into the decision of whether to grant or refuse a visa applicant.




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