Have you ever had the following thoughts about relocating?

Where else can you get the following?

  • A good educational system for your children?
  • Family oriented community support system with people from various cultures?
  • Spacious living, right next door to the USA?
  • Flexible immigration policies?
  • A stable political system?
  • Freedom of movement?

Why not live and invest in Toronto or Vancouver, Canada?

We will handle every step of your journey.

We will analyze your options for qualification and help you gain immigration status.

Some of the services we offer include:

  1. Complete IMM8 forms & business plans.
  2. Expedient and complete flexible time frames.
  3. Minimal interviews.
  4. Obtain work visas & student visas.
  5. Obtain landed immigrant status.
  6. Assist you settling into your new environment.
  7. Corporate taxes, ongoing bookkeeping and financial statements.
  8. The incorporation of limited companies.
  9. Personal  resident & non-resident taxes.
Business Consulting & North American Immigration

Develop proposals for the application of government grants and bank loans:

  • Business loans and plans;
  • Develop strategic marketing plans.

Canadian and United States Citizenship or permanent residency:

  • Independent: skilled workers, self employed, family business;
  • Entrepreneurial landed Immigrant status with condition;
  • Investor with no conditions.

( I ) Canada

( II ) United States of America


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