In order to qualify for a green card through employment:

  • You must have a job offer from a U.S. employer;

  • Have the correct background in terms of education and work experience for the job that you have been offered, and

  • There must be no qualified American willing or able to take the job.

Steps to Obtaining a Green Card:  

Step One: Labor Certification

Labor Certification is filed by your U.S. employer. The object of Labor Certification is to satisfy the U.S. government that there are no qualified American workers available and willing to take the specific job that has been offered to you.

Step Two: The Petition

The petition is also filed by your U.S. employer. The object of the petition is to prove that you do in fact, qualify. 

Step Three: The Green Card Application

The green card application is filed by you. This application is your formal request for a green card. 

Step Four: Paperwork

There are two types of paperwork you must submit to get a green card through employment. The first consists of official government forms completed by you or your U.S. employer. The second consists of personal and business documents such as birth and marriage certificates, school transcripts and diplomas, and company financial statements and tax return.




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