• A person who has successfully operated, and has senior management experience with a major corporation.

  • A person who intends and has the ability to establish, purchase or make a substantial investment in a commercial venture within Canada.

  • A person who intends and has the ability to provide active and on-going participation in a commercial venture.

  • A person who can maintain or create a minimum of 1 job for a Canadian Citizen or permanent resident who is not a relative of the applicant.

Main Features of the Entrepreneur Program  
  1. Priority processing –3rd highest Priority processing of all independent applications.

  2. Exploratory visits - evaluates the business opportunities personally.

  3. Early admission - if needed.

  4. Role of provincial authorities - refer to the provincial selections, review and provide opinions on all business plans.

  5. Modified selection criteria: 

    Entrepreneur is not assessed under either occupational factor, arranged employment or designated occupation.

  6. General Admission Requirements for all applicants – health and security requirements.

The Entrepreneur Immigrant Program  
Selection Overseas
  1. Selection Procedures – Important factor, the person’s experience and track record.

  2. Cost Recovery Fees – Application processing fee is $1000.



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